#43 Preliminary wound healing potential of Clarias batrachus collagen on excision wound model in wistar rats



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J, P. .; S, S. .; G, S.; G S, S. B. . #43 Preliminary Wound Healing Potential of Clarias Batrachus Collagen on Excision Wound Model in Wistar Rats. J Pharm Chem 2022, 8.


Wound healing is the progression of repair that follows injury to the skin and other soft tissues. Collagen, a chief structural protein has been discussed by many researchers for its active role in the natural healing process. Fish mainly contains type-I collagen and it contributes to the formation of the dermis layer of the skin. Based on the beneficial effects of collagen on wound healing, the study was conducted to evaluate the preliminary wound healing activity of Clarias batrachus skin on excision wound models in wistar albino rats. Collagen was extracted from the fish Clarias batrachus skin and processed to Acid Soluble collagen which was used to study the wound healing property against excision wound model in wistar rats. A full-thickness excision wound with a circular area of 1.5 cm was created. Two dose levels of 5% and 10% Clarias batrachus skin collagen were employed in the study. Povidone–Iodine ointment was used as a reference control. The parameters such as wound area and percentage wound contraction were measured at the end of the study. The test drug 5% of Clarias batrachus skin collagen on the 4th day showed a less significant (P<0.05) decrease in the wound area and on 7th and 14th day showed more significant (P<0.001) decrease in wound compared to vehicle control and maximum percentage of wound contraction of about 97.91% was observed on the 14th day. The test drug 10% of Clarias batrachus skin collagen showed a significant (P<0.001) decrease in wound area on the 4th, 7th, and 14th day and a maximum percentage of wound contraction of about 99.31% was observed on the 14th day which was more than that of reference control Povidone–Iodine ointment. The conventional method involves the application of antibacterial agents and antibiotics which only prevent the wound from invading microorganisms. So our aim was to find a better way to increase the wound healing rate by directly administering collagen in the wound which is the important extracellular matrix involved in tissue regeneration. Clarias batrachus skin collagen extract gel (5%) and (10%) on the topical application in the excision wound model, increased the wound healing activity significantly. Therefore this study revealed that Clarias batrachus collagen has remarkable wound healing activity which is due to its direct contribution to extracellular matric.



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