#35 An overview of developing trends in apple cider vinegar research: A bibliometric analysis



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Tripathi, S. . #35 An Overview of Developing Trends in Apple Cider Vinegar Research: A Bibliometric Analysis. J Pharm Chem 2022, 8 (Supplement).


Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of the most widely used condiments for various pharmacological activities. The area of ACV research is a multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary research domain. The recent research works showed that ACV is not only beneficial for weight loss, antibacterial, antifungal, cardiovascular activity but also it has anti-cancer, anti-Alzheimer’s activity. Although there are numerous studies that have shown the beneficial activities of ACV, yet there is a dearth of key mechanism exploratory studies for these ACV activities. Thus, researchers must keep well-informed of associated developments to ensure an appropriate knowledge of the areas which required attention. In this study, a bibliometric analysis method was used to map the ACV research. Bibliometric analysis is a standard and demanding technique for exploring and analyzing huge volumes of scientific data. We aimed to perform a bibliometric analysis for the apple cider vinegar in the area of human health. The data was retrieved from the Scopus database, where a total of 327 publications related to ACV were identified. The 327 publications, published between 1975 to 2021, covered 295 Research articles, 13 review articles, 310 journals, 59 countries or territories. After the careful manual screening of the results, finally, 234 articles were selected to proceed for analysis. This data was analyzed using bibliometric software Vosviwer. This review study will help researchers to familiarize themselves with the research development of the apple cider vinegar domain so far, as well as with the areas required focus for future research.

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