#206 Synthesis and docking studies of metal complexes of Co(II) and Cu(II)

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Unavane, S. .; Jain, H. K. . #206 Synthesis and Docking Studies of Metal Complexes of Co(II) and Cu(II). J Pharm Chem 2022, 8.


Metal complexes of organic compounds are being widely studied for various pharmacological activities, especially as anticancer and antimicrobial agents. Schiff bases are very good ligands that can readily form complexes with various metals like Pt, Ru, Au, Ag, Fe, Co, Cu, etc. Cinnamaldehyde is reported to possess anticancer and antimicrobial activities. Thiazoles form a part of drugs like ritonavir, sulfathiazole, etc. A combination of these two moieties would increase the potency of the compounds. Herein, we report Schiff base ligands synthesized from cinnamaldehyde and 4-substituted-2-aminothiazoles. Further, these ligands were complexed with cobalt and copper salts to form metal complexes. To synthesize and perform docking studies of Co(II) and Cu(II) metal complexes of thiazole containing Schiff bases. Schiff bases were synthesized from cinnamaldehyde and 4-substituted 2-aminothiazoles. These were treated with the alcoholic solution of metal salts to form colored metal complexes. The synthesized complexes were characterized using FTIR and mass spectrometry. Docking studies of the ligands and metal complexes were carried out to study and compare their anticancer and antimicrobial activities. The metal complexes were successfully synthesized and characterized. From the docking studies, it was evident that these complexes possess good Ki value. The synthesized metal complexes could show good anticancer and antimicrobial activity.

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