#203 Green synthesis of benzimidazole using QbD approach

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Pratyush, K. .; Asnani, A. .; Dravyakar, B. .; Dule, P. . #203 Green Synthesis of Benzimidazole Using QbD Approach. J Pharm Chem 2022, 8.


Drug discovery is one of the key interests of several researchers, profit organizations, and non-profit organizations. The discovery process usually takes a long duration of time out which a greater percentage of the time, money is used for the synthesis of an efficient and safe molecule. The current research approaches are mostly focused on the development of new molecules by harming mother nature to the least possible extent. The methodology includes optimization of the novel method for synthesis of benzimidazole, a potent bioactive agent using a quality by design approach. The novel method was successfully developed for the synthesis of benzimidazole. The optimization of the developed method was carried out by using the QbD approach, and the optimized parameter was 180 w for 7.5 min. The novel method developed by using the green chemistry approach was found to be efficient than the conventional method.

Fig. Comparison of synthesis of benzimidazole by conventional and green method


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