#141 Development and optimization of Eberconazole loaded niosomes using central-composite design

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Aparajay, P. .; Dev, A. . #141 Development and Optimization of Eberconazole Loaded Niosomes Using Central-Composite Design. J Pharm Chem 2022, 8.


The study aims to develop and optimize eberconazole (EBZ) loaded niosomes using Central-Composite Design and their preliminary evaluations. EBZ loaded niosomes were developed using ether injection method containing gelucire 48/16 (Nonionic surfactant) and cholesterol as an additive agent. These formulations were statistically optimized using the Central composite experimental design. Leica microscopy and FESEM microscopic studies have been conducted to evaluate the surface morphology of developed niosomes. Dynamic light scattering technique has been used to determine the particle size, polydispersity index, and zeta-potential. The dialysis bag and centrifugation method have been used to determine the optimized formulation’s entrapment efficiency and release profile.

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