#80 Solubility enhancement of Glimepiride by solid dispersion



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Karle, A. .; Yadav, G. . #80 Solubility Enhancement of Glimepiride by Solid Dispersion. J Pharm Chem 2022, 8.


Solubility is the major problem for many pharmaceutical API. Almost 40% of Drugs have solubility issues. Various techniques can enhance solubility, but solid dispersion by solvent evaporation technique is considered a cost-effective and straightforward technique. The solid dispersion of Glimepiride was prepared by using the solvent evaporation method by adding Glimepiride and carriers such as urea and PEG6000 in different ratios. The ratio of Glimepiride solid dispersion showing the highest dissolution rate was selected and formulated into tablets. Three different batches of solid dispersion were prepared by changing the drug: carrier ratio. The batch with a 1:3 ratio was found drug content 97.25 with an average particle size of 85.62 mm; also, it has the highest practical yield of 92.45 than other batches. The research work concludes that the preparation of solid dispersion of poorly water-soluble drug-like Glimepiride with suitable carriers like urea and PEG6000 increased the dissolution rate of Glimepiride and showed considerable enhancement of in-vitro and in-vivo drug release. Thus, it was concluded that the preparation of solid dispersion of Glimepiride using suitable carriers like urea and PEG6000 by solvent evaporation method is a promising technique to improve the dissolution rate of poorly water-soluble drugs. This technique was simple, cost-effective, stable, and easy to scale up.



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