#50 High density system for gastroretentive drug delivery system: A modern approach in dosage development



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Bhatt, S. .; Mazhari, H. .; Pathak, A. .; K, N. #50 High Density System for Gastroretentive Drug Delivery System: A Modern Approach in Dosage Development. J Pharm Chem 2022, 8.


In recent decades the healthcare expand lots in disease diagnosis and their treatments will with the help of different traditional and conventional ways but due to many limitations they are not applied in the gastroretentive drug delivery system because they don’t have good gastric residence time so to overcome such problems we move on these gastroretentive drug delivery system which has desire residence time due to rate control drug release and they can be easily modified by different methods so that optimized pharmacological effects should be achieved as well. So we preferred a high-density system that is a modification of gastroretentive drug delivery system that retains the drug in the stomach with the peristaltic movement and when it gets its absorption window get easily absorbed through it. It is absorbed through the narrow window that occurs in the small intestine. These systems minimize the multiple dosing and optimize the therapeutic effect. For developing such a system we widely preferred to use the heavy materials that are inert in nature used to coat or mix with the drug moieties so that they increase the density of dosage form. They have good advantages in formulating gastroretentive drugs with limited advantages. Different evaluations parameters are also the accept pre-formulation and post compressional such as floating time, in-vitro mucoadhesion test, water uptake and mucoadhesive strength. They have improved bioavailability and are widely preferred for poorly soluble drugs at alkaline pH, drugs having less half-life and rapidly absorbed from the GI tract. There are some limitations of these systems because there is a large number of drug molecules are necessary to develop this dosage form. Different diluents such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, barium sulphate, iron powder, etc are used to increase the density of tablets that help to retain in the stomach for good lag time.



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