About Vensel Publications:

Vensel Publications is a distinguished peer-reviewed, open-access academic publication house committed to facilitating the dissemination of scholarly research across diverse academic disciplines. Founded on the principles of accessibility, quality, and affordability, we endeavour to provide a platform for researchers worldwide to share their insights and discoveries with the global academic community. We understand the paramount importance of fostering an environment conducive to academic discourse and advancement. With a rigorous peer-review process upheld by esteemed experts in respective fields, we ensure the integrity and reliability of published research. Our commitment to maintaining high editorial standards guarantees the credibility and relevance of the scholarly works disseminated through our platform. One of the hallmarks of our publication house is our dedication to minimizing the financial barriers associated with academic publishing. By offering open-access options and employing cost-effective strategies, we strive to make scholarly literature accessible to researchers regardless of institutional affiliation or financial constraints. Our transparent fee structure ensures that authors receive exceptional value without compromising on the quality or visibility of their work.


JPC is an open-access online peer-reviewed journal, publishing research articles from pharmaceutical sciences and its allied disciplines.

FDA is an online peer-reviewed journal publishing research articles in the area of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Analysis.